Sunday, June 8, 2008

Urban Farming?

Food prices soar ... and will continue. Even if you have a tiny backyard, you now have a defense against supermarket bankruptcy. 'Yall going to eventually learn the truth in what I'm saying. As a truck driver, I travel from New York City to Crystal Springs, Mississippi, and the signs are everywhere ... GET YOU SOME LAND.

I don't care if it's that vacant lot next door, or 100 acres in the country, buy something as soon as you can! The most recent word is that housing prices will continue to deflate as foreclosures increase. Then, about two years from now, prices are going to rise again.

Right now, Real Estate Speculators are doing with farm and country land what they did to home prices in urban and suburban areas all over the country. DO SOMETHING.

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a site called, "Little Homestead In The City." Have a look. It's chocked full of ideas about how to live self-sufficiently while living in the city.

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~Henry J. Kaiser