Sunday, July 18, 2010

What now?

I stopped posting entries for a while ... because honestly, I was in the middle of a transition. I'm not out of that transition yet, but it's clear that business is no longer "as usual."

When I look into the darkness, I ask, "What will they now allow us to do?" This New World Order is essentially a corporate dictatorship. When I look into the positive side of all this, I can see where, "something is coming ... something is changing!"

Cosmology from every culture proclaims that there are countless numbers of angelic light beings eagerly waiting to guide us ... to encourage us, and assist us. So if the predictions about the Mayan Calender are true, then what do we have to fear? Nothing.

If they are to be taken in perspective of the end of THEIR world ... then that means life will go on after 2012 ... but it won't be "business as usual." Life ... will ... be ... different. Then again, all this may be just more "Y2K" style hype. The oceans will heal ... even after this massive destruction. The Military Industrial Complex will hold itself in some kind of check ... and while the greedy rich will continue to rob us into abject poverty, there will be opportunities for those who decide to act on them.

I predict fewer Americans will find economic salvation in Corporate America. India has a BILLION people and so does China. Both have better secondary school systems than we do ... and they don't complain. So ... I strongly advise all reading this entry to begin looking into how they can make a job for themselves.

  1. 80 million Baby Boomers are entering retirement. That's huge! Think of all the goods and services you can provide pampered Boomers. (Look three steps past the problem ... and you'll get paid!)
  2. Monsanto's genetically modified crap they're feeding us is creating health hazards daily. 1 out of 3 children born after the year 2000 will get early onset Type-2 Diabetes. Two out of three of those will be children of color. View some of Will Allen's videos on Urban Agriculture and think: "Organic Urban."
  3. While Hate Radio has been brainwashing millions ... seducing them into quagmires of racism and elitism, the killer psychiatry institution is pouring Prozac and other useless drugs down their depressed throats. (That's right, psychiatry has never cured ONE person. The Rockefeller family owns all drug pharmacies and Rockerfeller has been quoted for being very “concerned” about over population.) Create small models of joy. We've forgotten what functional looks like. Every neighborhood should have some kind of community organization or club of shining hearts so that those emotionally constipated retards can look over the fence one day and marvel: "Wow ... they're actually having fun..." and join in. (I predict funding for those few who still retain social skills.)

All I’m saying is that things are going to become more intense. Things are going to change for many of us ... and eventually, for all of us. Like Mother Jones said: “Educate yourself for the coming struggle.” Start looking at your talents and how much innovative comfort you can carve out of life. Quality rather than meaningless quantity. Put more positive, supportive PEOPLE in your life rather than cell phones and other meaningless gadgets you hope will raise your self-esteem and make you happy. Be well Divine Spirits.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The End of America

Naomi Wolf ‘s recent book, “The End of America” shines a creepy light on our current, “reality behind the reality.” Click on the link below and view the trailer. What angers me most about this ... is that while Social Engineers who use puppet masters like Rush Linbaugh and Fox “News” commentators to convince over half the county to sink even deeper in cesspools of racism, elitism and denial the REAL threats have not only sold the store, they’ve sold the shelves too.

Democracy as the slave owning framers of the constitution meant it to be is over. The T-Bills have been sold to China. Most of the mineral rights too. So what is this big saving hero called, the Solar Green Industry going to use? Germany is already way ahead of us in technology. So, with all this out-sourcing, and shutting down manufacturing, what do they need with most of us?

I predict is that at some point, they’re going to send many of the able-bodied young men and women out into the middle of the country to work (safely) on rebuilding the power grid that up-coming solar storms may knock out anyway.

You want to make decisions based upon what the reality truly is ... not what they tell us the reality is. Below are the 10 steps that Naomi Wolf list what every dictator does to close down free and open society.

The 10 Classic Steps Dictators Use to close down a Free Society

1. 1. Invoke an External and Internal Threat

2. Establish Secret Prisons

3. Develop a Paramilitary Force

4. Surveil Ordinary Citizens

5. Infiltrate Citizens’ Groups

6. Arbitrarily Detain and Release Citizens

7. Target Key Individuals

8. Restrict The Press

9. Cast Criticism As, “Espionage” and Dissent As “Treason”

10. Subvert The Rule Of Law

Find simple needs that need to be filled that make some kind of living for you and others. This will keep you out of Prison Nation. Think three steps beyond any problem ...and you’ll get paid.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Black Professionals

"You write the laws ... but let ME write the songs because the youth will act out the songs." -Aristotle

All we see is images of young black people killing each other, selling and abusing drugs, dropping out of school and lining up for welfare. But I'm pleased to report that there is a backlash in the black community against the values and images of Thug Nation. They may still be dancing to Hip Hop, but I'm so glad to see that many, raised by parents who called themselves deep in the game (but only came out losers) have lined up for accounting jobs, worked hard to educate themselves, and are now stepping into the workforce as new professionals.

Those who graduated from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are armed with the knowledge it takes survive and flourish in a society that wishes to either brainwash them into impotency or deny them access to the table. Nothing new. All the information they need is now published both online and are waiting on library and bookstore shelves for them to access.

But a far greater issue sits like a time bomb within their souls ... and that's the still uncompleted answer to the question, "Who am I?"

I love watching YouTube videos of Cornell West, Dr. Ben (Dr Yosef AA Ben-Jochannan), and Dr. John Henry Clarke. What everyone needs--not just "young black professionals"--is the bar raised on the consciousness of what it means to be human ... to live a successful life ... and what it takes to be happy. We're aware that blind materialism sure isn't it, and a person with a professional degree who hates themselves is a setup for everything from addictions to major depression.

Do your own search of: "Young black professionals" and judge for yourself. Get back to me with any comments all those websites raise. Peace.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Says "He'll Pay' ... $2,500 A Year To Go To School

Reprint: (ARA) - Where there's a will, there will always be a way. So the economy is crashing around us. Everywhere, dust is settling over the graves of greed. And yes, now really is a good time to both, STAY in college and to start or return to college.

Think: "Multiple Income Streams." The Obama administration's stimulus bill is supposedly designed to get the economy moving again. Most of the bill's $70 billion for education will go to low- to middle-income individuals.

"A major part of the bill is a $13.8 billion tuition tax credit boost called the American Opportunity Tax Credit," reports ARALifestyle. "This tax credit reimburses 100 percent of the first $2,000 of educational expenses for lower income students. For the next $2,000, students will receive a 25 percent reimbursement. In short, lower income students will receive $2,500 in education reimbursements per year.

The bill also features other benefits for low-income students. Families that do not earn enough to pay income taxes can receive a $1,000 education refund.

"These kinds of incentives from the government don't come along very often," says Janet Hill, financial aid and education counselor at, a free online education service. "If people have been thinking of going back to school, now would be the time to do it. If they are hurting financially, they can easily get the money they need to get a degree." These benefits are set to expire after the 2010-2011 school year.

Fortunately, thanks to a growing number of online education options, degree-seekers can take advantage of President Barack Obama's stimulus bill without leaving their jobs. Sites like have helped nearly 500,000 degree-seekers get their stimulus money and enroll in online universities."

But the consumer has to be cautious. The word went out that there weren't enough medical professionals. People flooded little medical colleges by the thousands ... and now there are too many of them. Same with IT professionals like Graphic Designers and "Computer Technicians." NPR recently ran a story advising listeners to imagine fifteen Empire State Buildings of empty office space. That's how many empty office space is presently in Silicon Valley. Research. Do your homework. Question what you'd REALLY like to do. Avoid standing in the line that's already crowded.

That set, Hill continues, "We help people learn how to take advantage of this bill," says Hill. "All they have to do is visit our form and fill it out. We guide them through the rest."

If you are a low-income individual and want to get money to go back to school, visit, fill out their form, and indicate which schools you may be interested in. An education advisor will contact you and help you get your share of President Obama's stimulus money to go back to school."

One word of caution children ... the country is still built upon mountains of debt. Read the fine print and ask before you sign. Take time before you decide.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free College for Black males???

This information is too important to post only once. Please, if you know any black males who dream of going to college but see no way of being able to afford the cost, 13 Black Colleges and Universities are working with Clemson University to send them to school absolutely FREE.

The text below is reprinted directly from the "Calll me MISTER" website. Click and view all the links on the left side to view the program in greater detail. The goal of the program is to increase the number of black male teachers in under-served and rural communities. There was a time when I would have even balked at going into places like the Mississippi Delta to teach ... but these days, being able to live and work (earning a decent salary) at a very esteemable position in a rural area is pure GAME. I repeat over and over that owning a home with a few acres on it within a 45 minute radius of a city or college town is the number one choice. (If you don't know, read past posts to learn why.) But before I digress, read about the program below. Each link takes you to a different site.)

"The mission of the Call Me MISTER (acronym for Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) National Initiative is to increase the pool of available teachers from a broader more diverse background particularly among the State's lowest performing elementary schools. Student participants are largely selected from among under-served, socio-economically disadvantaged and educationally at-risk communities.

The Call Me MISTER program is contributing to the talent pool of excellent teachers by identifying and supporting students like Mr. Mark Joseph (shown here), who are literally "touching the future" by teaching children. Mark's teaching degree was made possible through the Call Me MISTER program.

The project provides:
  • Tuition assistance through Loan Forgiveness programs for admitted students pursuing approved programs of study in teacher education at participating colleges.
  • An academic support system to help assure their success.
  • A cohort system for social and cultural support.
“Call Me MISTER” was developed by some of our State’s visionary educational leaders who sincerely believe we can build a better tomorrow by getting you involved today.

Maintained by
Copyright ©2009 Call Me MISTER, 203 Holtzendorff, Clemson, S.C. 29634, (800)640-2657"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Supporting Our Own Slavery

Recreated from Luther Brook's "Heteplandproject"

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor

This is from an interesting article originally printed in "The Guardian." I love President Obama and I hope that it's simply too early to evaluate which direction he's going ... "the same old trip," or is he shrewd enough to give the Military Industrial complex what it wants in exchange for breaking off something for the people who elected him later? We'll just have to wait and see.

Luther Brook's reprint of The Guardian's story (below) points out the lie behind our "Drug War." It's been close to 30 years and more Americans are in prisons than in any industrial nation on earth. UN Drug Tsar Antonio Maria Costa, estimated that the "Drug Industry" is a $325 billion dollar industry ... and that's probably a low-ball figure. Just ONE example of how dangerous our current drug policies are is privately owned prisons that drain money from the public treasury and places those funds in private pockets.

Drugs and crime chief Costa went on to say that he has uncovered evidence that the $352 Billion dollars of confirmed criminal drug money was effectively laundered by large US and European legal financial institutions. But even more alarming was the report that "the (drug money) was the only liquid investment capital" available to some banks on the brink of collapse last year."

The report further stated that "poppy/opium crops were stopped by Taliban completely in 2001 because it was "un-Islamic". It was only after we invaded that it restarted and crops have increased in size every year since we invaded.

NOTE: Afghanistan is yet another poor country that never invaded by the United States. In 2005, Canadian ex-Minister of Defense Gordon O'Connor reported that heroine is again being produced in that country. The much-demonized Taliban had stopped it. Okay ... so if the poppy/opium production is $300 billion+ industry and Afghanis are dirt poor... who's running it all???

In terms of President Obama's current policy towards I'm not in favor of this quick, knee-jerk reaction that is coming from so many on the Left. The race is early and "our horse" still has a long way to run. But let's face it, all this is occurring within the cauldron of the "American Empire" that has been built on U.S. Banks and our "New Roman Empire Military Forces."

The problem is one of priorities. Have our ruling classes become so greedy that they are blind to how their empty, bottomless desire is running the country into economic and moral ruin? Silly question isn't it?

As we look for solutions to our current state of economic and moral decay, we have to realize how important drugs are to keeping us imprisoned and existing in lives of hopelessness and lovelessness. I don’t care if it’s marijuana, Crystal Meth, Cocaine or heroine, you can’t yearn to enjoy any part of “God’s Full Bounty” if we’re choosing to live in the Hells of addiction and demoralization.

What We Believe:

"Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes."
~Henry J. Kaiser