Thursday, September 8, 2011

Be Small

It's about control. 
I never thought I'd be advocating for some of the issues that I will be in the coming weeks and months ... but I now see, that "Social Engineers" ... and well meaning people who've been brainwashed by them ... are using issues of race, sex, sexuality, gender, and religion to insert fear and division as their way to control.

Yes, it's the same as it's always been... but subtle in its approach because the fear is often married to "niceness." Don't cave to clicks. Don't make the world smaller for another small person. If you slander, label, slur, or be-little anyone, what you're actually doing is making the world smaller for yourself.

QUESTION: Why aren't we focusing our anger on those greedy bastards holding and grabbing all the money instead of calling each other words like, "... bitches, fags, whores, punks, losers ... Lib-weirds, and all the zillion other words we use against our neighbors?


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Black Religion: Hurting or Helping Us?

It seems we're at a point where we cannot advance without dealing with "The Spiritual." And no, I am most def NOT talking about religion. (Well ... I'm not recommending it, nor am I advising it.) Spiritual to me is a part of my body and my personal psychology. Take Yoga for instance. If my "life nerve" is tight, then my thinking is also tight... easily angered and reactive.

At my age, I'm forced to reflect that without mainstream Christianity, I would never have gotten sober and remained sane all these years. But I also see the limitations of the Black Church and ask: "If Christianity needs reformation--again, then do I have time to wait on it?"

  • I reject the concept of a god that loves Baptist and hates Hindus. (What kind of god is THAT? That sounds more like the guy in the corner market down the street.)

  • I reject the abomination of "Prosperity Christianity" that puts money at the forefront of God... even higher than the necessary concept of learning to love and accept ourselves so that we can love and accept others
  • I reject the Christianity of The State ... this vile "religion" that tells us we must now kill Muslims ... because God wants us to have their oil. Naaa... don't sound right partna.

  • The Christianity I got was almost a "Boogie-Man" religion. God wasn't just there to punish me, He didn't want me to think too much and would send me to hell if I took a Yoga class. ("Hmmm... if God created everything ... how come I can only put my money into the plate at the "JUmPin' JiviNg" Church"?)

  • I love Gospel music ... but there's far too much externalization in service. Where's the time to, "Be still and hear my voice"? Meditation isn't owned by anyone. East and Western traditions do it. Jesus was both praying and meditating in the Garden of Gethsemane when they came for Him. And if Jesus is all of God, who was He praying to and why when we are to enter Heaven, are we expected to find Him sitting on the right hand of God The Father?? Bad theology for those who teach it and lazy theology for those who accept it.

To be a "Spiritual Warrior" means to go out beyond the fence line ... out beyond the boundary the "overly religious" warn you to stop. It is there we find the need to have faith because it is there we confront the archetypes of our minds and listen, learn what The Cosmic Christ ... the Great "I Am" is trying to teach us.

I advocate that we shed the limitations of the religion slaves were given by slave owners.
Explore the Eastern philosophies from whence our Western spirituality came from.
Accept yourself fully as you are... shadow and light... made in God's image...
Seek out people and places to guide you to your heart ... your own INNER Light and from there, connect to the One Soul that unites us all.

If "The Garden of Gethsemane was a state of mind ... a state of agony, then I likewise believe that "The Garden of Eden" was also meant to be a state of mind ... of innocence, virtue, and love. I want to spend more time ... "getting back to the Garden" than being lost in lust, pride, greed, envy, anger(fear) and sloth.

It's from here we can begin to rebuild bridges to each others hearts and minds... and begin to climb out of the dark prison that we've been locked in these past 30 years... or more...

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm back

Well ... this is the first post in a long time. I gave up posting after Congress passed SB 510. Yup, it's official. They call it the "Food Safety Law." Ironic, eh? They're pouring Fluoride in our waters (poison and it drops children's I.Q. rates up to 7 points) and filling our food with corn syrup and cancer causing aspartame.

All I wanted was for them to allow small farming to return. Manufacturing is always the cornerstone of wealth in a country... and new ideas are often driven by agriculture. But now that Monsanto is so huge, they want to control everything. I won't bore you with more "doom and gloom" because my premise has always been, "Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes," right?

Well, right now, as I see it... we have two choices:

  1. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye because you should have listened before they gained all this power... or

  2. Begin healing yourselves so that you can join healthy communities with others and build bridges of cooperation and survival.

That's the direction this blog is taking. Spiritual and psychological survival in the dark days ahead. Peace, and hope things look brighter tomorrow.

What We Believe:

"Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes."
~Henry J. Kaiser