Thursday, September 8, 2011

Be Small

It's about control. 
I never thought I'd be advocating for some of the issues that I will be in the coming weeks and months ... but I now see, that "Social Engineers" ... and well meaning people who've been brainwashed by them ... are using issues of race, sex, sexuality, gender, and religion to insert fear and division as their way to control.

Yes, it's the same as it's always been... but subtle in its approach because the fear is often married to "niceness." Don't cave to clicks. Don't make the world smaller for another small person. If you slander, label, slur, or be-little anyone, what you're actually doing is making the world smaller for yourself.

QUESTION: Why aren't we focusing our anger on those greedy bastards holding and grabbing all the money instead of calling each other words like, "... bitches, fags, whores, punks, losers ... Lib-weirds, and all the zillion other words we use against our neighbors?


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