Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Upcoming Race War

I've lived, "Back South" for two years now. In hindsight, I should have moved to Raleigh, North Carolina instead of the small, rural town south of Greensboro that I did.
  • Randolph County is ranked the 8th in gun ownership in America
  • Randolph County is a "No Growth" county... which means the STRONGLY resist change
  • In 2015, they still refuse to allow blacks to serve in the Town's politics
  • The black barber who moved in from Mississippi had to petition them to open a shop "downtown." Prior to that, blacks weren't even allowed "downtown."
  • Much of the "No Growth" is aimed at keeping black people down economically.
In 2015, the Whites still firmly think they're identity is attached to their racist past. 

Millennials are angrily preparing for a Race War. To these numb-nuts, it doesn't matter that Zombies don't actually exist in nature, nor the fact that engaging in such and endeavor ... to exterminate all the African Americans in the United States... is an exercise doomed to be their own self-destruction. 
've been shopping for a diesel 2500 or F-350 Duelly pickup truck. A young white car salesman--in his Narcissism--talked about that many

There's a reason there are so MANY U.S. Military bases throughout the South.  
There are many small, unmarked roads and creeks in North Carolina and the South... and the U.S. Army, Marines, and Air Force now know them all. It's not just, "Google Earth"... the Army has been engaging in war games here in the South for a long time. They enlist the aid of locals and use the Special Forces to teach them to be the "Rebels" while the U.S. Army engages them in the same way Jade Helm does in the Southwest... only quieter. 

 America has lost fourteen I.Q. points in the last 20 years. Talking to many people down here is like talking to fence post. And it's not just whites... many black people copy them. "Monkey See, Monkey Do." Initially I saw the huge pattern of, Narcissist Nation... but it took me awhile to realize that the other half of that coin is, "Codependent Nation," and North Carolina is Codependent Nation on steroids. It's a state of small towns that became incorporated into small and midsize cities. People here have grown up with each other for generations. Black, White, Red, and Brown... they know each other's grandparents. The game is... "Oh, we're all just family ... living happily under the umbrella of White Supremacy."

Codependency is about Toxic Shame.
It's what happens when dysfunctional people BEAT children. My Mississippi mother was a RAGING Codependent... so my sister became a Narcissist with an Anti-Social Personality Disorder, and I became a Codependent ... constantly watching for when it was safe.

It's a progressive emotional trauma that creates an insanity in people who will come up to you and believe you're their enemy... simply because they THINK you don't like them. In this cauldron of gossip and malicious lies fueled by narrow-minded Fundamentalism Christianity, CONTROL of others is the delusion of both the needy Narcissist and the needy Codependent. When these two personality types meet (... most people...) they become enmeshed in a dance of "Victim / Predator" that is so unconscious and so addictive that nothing seems to be able to break the loop.

What Black People are Doing Wrong
  • We beat our children WAAAAY too much. The nation is currently in the grip of a Heroin epidemic, a Meth epidemic, and still "self-soothing" with Crack, weed, food addiction, gambling (...perhaps the cruelest addiction of all...), and sexual addiction. Alcohol flows off store shelves like the waves of tsunamis. It's said that ALL addicts and alcoholics are Codependents. They partner up with often with the pure form of Codependents because the drug of the Codependent is ... other people. (It keeps them from looking at themselves.) 
  • We need more REASONING (around age 6 through 9) and spanking and less BEATING.
  • We can't reason if our minds are addicted and occluded. We need to begin to detox... emotionally as well as spiritually. 
  • TURN off the TV and all that loud music. Learn to quite and love your mind. All of our troubles come from troubled minds.
  • We need to begin to organize ... quietly. We WON the Civil Rights Movement. But first, we had to gather in church basements and community hall rooms in circles where we can look each other in the eyes and forgive... and learn how to empty our pain and trust each other again. We don't get there by calling each other Niggers and Whores... nor beating our chest declaring that we're the BADDEST this or that....
The Opie and Anthony-ization of America
Howard Stern and other shock-jocks who replace functional interaction with a distorted illusion of coolness that comes out of the pit that no, we don't love one another, so lets all get together and cap on each other and call it cool ... and the first one that gets mad loses.

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad." ~Euripides

Retail workers are taught that they can control you if they can control your emotions. 
Dysfunctional, often frustrated .... even jealous and not always highly educated people... attaching to the idea that if she or he can piss you off, they've somehow conquered you... and can control you.

There's some truth to it.. so instead of getting increasingly emotional ... shouting at cops and getting
shot... black people need to go the other way... learning to control our emotions. Mediation is the best way. Watching the movie instead of getting caught up in the movie. I have to admit, this passive-aggressive tool has been used on me to get me kicked out of places. Control? Well, no one controlled me to the point where I gave them $50 dollars... but I may have had to give the Korupt Courts even more. Why make a fool a Rock Star? 

This is what unhappy people like these hater White supremacist feast upon. Instead, deal with the worst enemy we have... that man or woman in the mirror.

Change is created not by going against the predominate paradigm ... it's done by creating a better model! 

Don't give a cripple crab a crunch. 

What We Believe:

"Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes."
~Henry J. Kaiser