Sunday, July 18, 2010

What now?

I stopped posting entries for a while ... because honestly, I was in the middle of a transition. I'm not out of that transition yet, but it's clear that business is no longer "as usual."

When I look into the darkness, I ask, "What will they now allow us to do?" This New World Order is essentially a corporate dictatorship. When I look into the positive side of all this, I can see where, "something is coming ... something is changing!"

Cosmology from every culture proclaims that there are countless numbers of angelic light beings eagerly waiting to guide us ... to encourage us, and assist us. So if the predictions about the Mayan Calender are true, then what do we have to fear? Nothing.

If they are to be taken in perspective of the end of THEIR world ... then that means life will go on after 2012 ... but it won't be "business as usual." Life ... will ... be ... different. Then again, all this may be just more "Y2K" style hype. The oceans will heal ... even after this massive destruction. The Military Industrial Complex will hold itself in some kind of check ... and while the greedy rich will continue to rob us into abject poverty, there will be opportunities for those who decide to act on them.

I predict fewer Americans will find economic salvation in Corporate America. India has a BILLION people and so does China. Both have better secondary school systems than we do ... and they don't complain. So ... I strongly advise all reading this entry to begin looking into how they can make a job for themselves.

  1. 80 million Baby Boomers are entering retirement. That's huge! Think of all the goods and services you can provide pampered Boomers. (Look three steps past the problem ... and you'll get paid!)
  2. Monsanto's genetically modified crap they're feeding us is creating health hazards daily. 1 out of 3 children born after the year 2000 will get early onset Type-2 Diabetes. Two out of three of those will be children of color. View some of Will Allen's videos on Urban Agriculture and think: "Organic Urban."
  3. While Hate Radio has been brainwashing millions ... seducing them into quagmires of racism and elitism, the killer psychiatry institution is pouring Prozac and other useless drugs down their depressed throats. (That's right, psychiatry has never cured ONE person. The Rockefeller family owns all drug pharmacies and Rockerfeller has been quoted for being very “concerned” about over population.) Create small models of joy. We've forgotten what functional looks like. Every neighborhood should have some kind of community organization or club of shining hearts so that those emotionally constipated retards can look over the fence one day and marvel: "Wow ... they're actually having fun..." and join in. (I predict funding for those few who still retain social skills.)

All I’m saying is that things are going to become more intense. Things are going to change for many of us ... and eventually, for all of us. Like Mother Jones said: “Educate yourself for the coming struggle.” Start looking at your talents and how much innovative comfort you can carve out of life. Quality rather than meaningless quantity. Put more positive, supportive PEOPLE in your life rather than cell phones and other meaningless gadgets you hope will raise your self-esteem and make you happy. Be well Divine Spirits.


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