Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Eco Villages

Great things are occurring in Intentional Community organizations. Many today are looking at building Green and Permaculture planning in their process of creating sustainable living in rural as well as urban and suburban settings.

It's almost as if time spirits from the 60's went to school, experienced all the ups, downs and changes that life can bring, and now armed with "Green Master's Degrees", PhD’s in urban planning, psychology, and agriculture, are coming full cycle to the commune and readjusting their earlier fantasies of Utopia to fit the realities of today's world. Questions remain:

  1. Who will watch my back when crime rates rise?
  2. Where will I raise my children as predator populations increase?
  3. With crack babies now raising meth babies, where will I find a quiet, peaceful place to live?
  4. How will I earn a living in rural settings ... and perhaps even "flourish rather than just survive?"

I attest that this is a window of time when the answers to the questions are not only possible, but point to far greater rewards than we even imagine in these current cities of despair.

White American is on the move working in this direction. Why are we still anchored to places where there is little or no money, and where we are dying?


Anonymous said...

Hey Journeyman,

I suggest that rural property near any of the traditionally Black colleges or universities is the very best location for us. If I find a map showing the locations I will send it to you.


Journeyman said...

Thank you. Finding rurual land within an hour's drive from a city is a great choice ... as well as buying a small farm or rurual home near a university ... and in this case a black university. It makes a whole lot of sense.

Oh, please be on the lookout for anyone hacking this page. Let me know if a word, sentence, or paragraph reads like someone who dropped out of the 3rd grade wrote it. Chances are, someone hacked the site again.

Anonymous said...

I/We have been looking High and Low for Africans in America that are living or seeking to live in and/or develop an "Eco-Village" self sustaining and off of the grid. We have a Yahoo group Heteplandproject • HETEP Land Co-op Project http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Heteplandproject/ We have visited a couple (All White) but have yet to find any African American. Some have visited the Songhai Center in Benin West Africa ( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8575815747502096037&q=songhai+project&total=4&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0 ) but none here.

What We Believe:

"Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes."
~Henry J. Kaiser