Friday, January 5, 2007

Californian's Chances of Success: From Birth To Death

State's children less likely to succeed:
California is 34th in nation in study of criteria that help identify chances to excel.

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"Children growing up in California, fabled land of opportunity, have a worse chance of achieving the American Dream than children in most other states, a new study says.

The real Golden State is Virginia, where children are most likely to become well-educated adults with steady, high-paying jobs, according to researchers from the nonprofit Editorial Projects in Education Research Center in Washington, D.C.

Children born in New Mexico were deemed least likely to succeed.

The researchers stacked up all the states and the District of Columbia against 13 measures of success, ranging from parents' employment and English fluency to children's test scores and graduation rates.

California ranked 34th among the states and was below the national average in seven areas: percent of children whose parents work full-time, speak English, graduated from college, earn at least a middle-level income; percent of children proficient in reading and proficient in math; and percent of adults who work full time.

California had by far the nation's lowest percentage of children whose parents speak fluent English: 62 percent. The next lowest was 73 percent, in Texas. Nearly everyone's parents speak English in Virginia: 91 percent."

[Reprinted from SF Gate. Full Story]


Anonymous said...

i hope that you succeed in your movement. you have good ideas. i would like to add something that perhaps you've considered already and perhaps not... i don't mention this to people in person because it might be too controversial and i don't intend to offend--------
indians in the south and midwest ----- and also chinese/orientals------ they have been buying property, small businesses and succeeding to bring themselves out of third world poverty and into middle class standards of living in america... but many blacks are not able to do this or do not want to.------ it is apparent to me that there is tension between these groups... they are culturally different and they intend to maintain distance between them regardless of economics... but the envy is there and rightly so----blacks have been present in america for hundreds of years... if you have an idea to help blacks achieve the same success in their own land---america---then i would be very proud of you! it's time for a change! here is something else i'd like to add

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Anonymous said...

Just to be difficult I would like to offer the following observation/question: Does success only mean having a high-paying job?

Journeyman said...

No it doesn't! And thank you for the rhetorical question ... that's a huge part of why I'm trying to encourage doing something different.

Mainstream American values stress economics ... MONEY ... as the measure of success and validity. That's what's killing us ... "bling, bling" at the cost of all our humanity ... all our spiritual values ... all our compassion ... eventually robing us of just the traits that define human-ness and maturity ... as well as SANITY.

What We Believe:

"Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes."
~Henry J. Kaiser