Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Money For New Farmers

This is a unique and wonderful window of time. At 53, I've seen "windows" cycle through before. Some were Bardos ... transition points ... that led to good eras and some were bad ... like the bardos that led to disco (smile) and The Eighties ... that wonderful time when black people old enough to work got clowned BAD. (Some who seniors I talked to said the 80s were worse than The Great Depression. "At least everyone was poor during the Depression. In the 80s, it was like we wasn't nothing at all.")

Well ... we need to learn Big Time from it.

Right now the Department of Agriculture is actually recognizing that only 1% of the American population farms. The average age of the American farmer is 60. So, suddenly they are planning to recruit new young farmers.

  1. Department of Agriculture Highlights Young New Jersey Farmers

  2. American Farm Bureau story on Farm Policy Changes & Child Bearing Age Farmers

  3. Financial Security For New Agriculture: MUST READ!!!

  4. Department of Ag Helps New Farmers Get Started$$$$$$$

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