Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama Says "He'll Pay' ... $2,500 A Year To Go To School

Reprint: (ARA) - Where there's a will, there will always be a way. So the economy is crashing around us. Everywhere, dust is settling over the graves of greed. And yes, now really is a good time to both, STAY in college and to start or return to college.

Think: "Multiple Income Streams." The Obama administration's stimulus bill is supposedly designed to get the economy moving again. Most of the bill's $70 billion for education will go to low- to middle-income individuals.

"A major part of the bill is a $13.8 billion tuition tax credit boost called the American Opportunity Tax Credit," reports ARALifestyle. "This tax credit reimburses 100 percent of the first $2,000 of educational expenses for lower income students. For the next $2,000, students will receive a 25 percent reimbursement. In short, lower income students will receive $2,500 in education reimbursements per year.

The bill also features other benefits for low-income students. Families that do not earn enough to pay income taxes can receive a $1,000 education refund.

"These kinds of incentives from the government don't come along very often," says Janet Hill, financial aid and education counselor at, a free online education service. "If people have been thinking of going back to school, now would be the time to do it. If they are hurting financially, they can easily get the money they need to get a degree." These benefits are set to expire after the 2010-2011 school year.

Fortunately, thanks to a growing number of online education options, degree-seekers can take advantage of President Barack Obama's stimulus bill without leaving their jobs. Sites like have helped nearly 500,000 degree-seekers get their stimulus money and enroll in online universities."

But the consumer has to be cautious. The word went out that there weren't enough medical professionals. People flooded little medical colleges by the thousands ... and now there are too many of them. Same with IT professionals like Graphic Designers and "Computer Technicians." NPR recently ran a story advising listeners to imagine fifteen Empire State Buildings of empty office space. That's how many empty office space is presently in Silicon Valley. Research. Do your homework. Question what you'd REALLY like to do. Avoid standing in the line that's already crowded.

That set, Hill continues, "We help people learn how to take advantage of this bill," says Hill. "All they have to do is visit our form and fill it out. We guide them through the rest."

If you are a low-income individual and want to get money to go back to school, visit, fill out their form, and indicate which schools you may be interested in. An education advisor will contact you and help you get your share of President Obama's stimulus money to go back to school."

One word of caution children ... the country is still built upon mountains of debt. Read the fine print and ask before you sign. Take time before you decide.


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