Thursday, September 27, 2012

Niggas Travel Too

I'm currently traveling Thailand and experiencing that regardless of the culture, there truly is a "Market For Niggass." The nigga might be a Euro sex-slave turned into a voluntary whore, or the nigga might be a rapper creating international hatred towards the once proud black man, but here where the Russian Mafia, the Italian Mob, and the Mexican cartels hold shop ... "niggas" are paid to act a fool here too.

I'm not a fan of Hip-Hop nor Gangsta Rap... not because of the genre ... but because of the "New Jack City Uncle Toms too ignorant to know they're just huck-a-bucking for the world, bringing us all down, and eventually, they'll have nothing to show for it. 

Scum-bags like Jay-Z and Snoop-Dawg don't have money because they're so wonderfully talented... they have it because they were marked by racists as being stable and reliable enough to put forth a product that, (a) guarantees the prisons will stay full, and (b) will destabilize the black community, and (c) continue to destroy black lives because for the Status Quo to remain in power ... the Top has to have a Bottom and that's the job of the Nigga.

I was stationed in this same area 40 years ago. It's sad to see the hatred in the faces of people now. I puzzled about the various reasons why as I walked the streets, then I came face-to-face with a disco blasting loud music and in front, was a rapper spitting out his poison. The Russian Mafia owns all the bars in this area. They're not known for loving black "anything."  But if it brings money in and keeps their users heads low and in line... then it's all good in the international hood.

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