Sunday, October 5, 2008

What Constitutes, “Home”?

I heard an interview on New Dimensions this morning about the concept of "home." Writer John Lane lives and teaches in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Prior to meeting and marrying his current wife, his life was spent in between a series of basement apartments and his pickup truck. Not finding home until his late 40’s prompted this college professor to look deeper at:

• The "time and space" of places we attempt to make "home" in
• Persistent issues disruptive to creating sustainability
• Why understanding the history and topography of our home place is important
• How to explore your own home place
• Why it is important to learn the dreams and deeds of the ancestors of a home place
• How a community turned tragedy into a blessing
• What it took to build a sustainable house

Below are links to his websites. Read about how a small group of people got together, and created a literary community where there was none ... and in the process, found home.



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