Monday, October 13, 2008

Hip-Hop Going Green??

Al Gore's, "Inconvenient Truth" turned Hip-Hop artist Jennifer Johns Green.

"My fears for bringing life into this world prior to seeing this film were based more in the violence in urban streets of America - I had no real understanding of where we were and how far we had to go to get to a safe space again with the environment. I began to think about Katrina and the Tsunami and why there had been snow in the Bay sent me spinning..."

As the shadow of the Green Movement inches closer, the wisdom of Van Jones echos like a freight train approaching from a canyon. " In Jones thinking, if only white middle and upper income people buy into reducing green house gasses and leave out the vast majority of lower income people of color around the world, then all the hoopla and business strategies just won't work.

Jennifer Johns has teemed with a long list of others on an 8 week tour to raise awareness and get the word out that, "there are no disposable people and this is not a disposable planet."

The Sustainable Living Roadshow Johns will be a part of will tour across the nation, reaching out to all parts of society. "All of us come from different backgrounds and will focus on different ways we are BEING THE CHANGE."

I invite you to look at the "Green For All" website and familiarize yourself with as much of it that you can. Change is the only constant ... and here at the beginning of the worst economic melt-down since 1929, opportunities for sustainable living and Green Career opportunities hang like ripe fruit waiting to be plucked.

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Hagar's Daughter said...


Thanks for posting this info. This is truth. I will cross post this and link back to you. (any objections just holla)

I have spent this year really focusing on going green - no plastics, reusable bottles for water, lower energy lightbulbs, reusable shopping bags, no unnecessary driving, eco friendly personal products and cleaning products, etc.

Anyone who hasn't seen Inconvient Truth should watch it ASAP. Jennifer Jones is correct - everyone must be included in this plan.

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