Monday, November 27, 2006

Reasons For Self-Determination

Okay ... so we can say that the lighter side of planning out our own long term survival on this planet is to simply stop "shitting ourselves" in front of God and "everybody" else on the planet. In short, by engineering our future, we not only have more fun and enjoy more profit, but we discontinue to long practice of being "played."

No more should we allow mainstream mis-leaders to co-op bits and pieces of our "kulture" and paste it in a misshapen image and face it back toward our young ... and instruct them that if they now want to be black, they must turn themselves into sociopaths.

(...Yeah, and far too many others folks who identify with being disenfranchise end up following suit too ... and then .. there goes your right-side car window and the glove compartment is all busted open ... all in search for the .35 cents you left in your ashtray two months ago, that is now going towards somebody's next hit of crack.)

"All living beings must:

  1. have food
  2. have shelter
  3. have someone to love
  4. have someone to be loved by
  5. and a means to self-actualize themselves.

~Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

We ain't getting that these days. So ... who's fault is that? Yep. (ours) Time to get busy.

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