Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wanna See What You're Missing?

Some black people will look glance at this blog and agree with its premise immediately. Others will need more convincing. So take a quick look at your room, studio apartment, or home in the hood, and then look at what you can have for shockingly cheap when you move out of the chaos and into nature.

United Just type in a state you're curious about or perhaps the home state of "your peoples"... and be prepared for shock and awe....

Ranch & Don't stop there. The web is full of possibilities. On the day I pulled up this page, they were featuring a "rustic cabin" in Colorado for $148,900.

The links above are simply the tip of the iceberg. Here's a scenic little country home ... national forest on 3 sides, a spring-fed pond, sheds and a barn on 36 acres for only $149,000!


Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at the sites yet, but I'm almost afraid to for fear of shock! I grew up in NYC and have lived in big cities most of my life, but now an adult and looking for places to start my own family, the big cities I love don't look financially feasible.

Journeyman said...

Thank you!

I certainly hope and welcome any and all future communication on this.
I think we all have to begin processing wherever we are.. . who knows
... maybe we'll meet up in the same place soon. (smile)

The weird thing is that it's all so "do-able" and the time is so ripe!


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